Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eye 2 Eye: Balance

By Bishop Charles Scott

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It is unknown to most people. It is not difficult to locate. It is very accessible. It is impressive. It is inspirational. It is one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

It is the Colorado National Monument. Rising from the floor of the desert and reaching above the plateau, this small area of rocks forms a scenic illustration of the power of perseverance and the handiwork of God. Capturing the imagination of the viewer is the largest free-standing rock formation in the park, Independence Monument. Rising 450 feet, the massive rock spires depict the handiwork of the Master Sculptor. The forces of wind, water, frost and time have carved distinctions into the sandstone and left an unexplainable work of art – the protective cap-rock of a perfectly balanced rock.

It should not stand. It should not exist. It cannot be explained. But it is there. It cannot be produced by man. It is a God-thing.

Balance depicts a change in spirit. Balance results from a movement from extremism toward equality. Balance is a willingness to put the common interest above personal glory. Balance is looking for the benefit of the future and not short-term expediency.

The Pentecostal Church of God must be balanced. The PCG cannot be entombed in nostalgia nor infatuated with the future. The PCG must be balanced in the now, holding the past and reaching for the future. The PCG cannot be a commemorative movement or a wistful fellowship. The PCG must be a balanced Church, appreciating the legacy and working for the future. The PCG cannot be a white church, a black church, a Hispanic church, etc. The PCG must just be Christ's Church – gender-equal, racially-balanced, and culturally, generationally and ethnically relevant.

The PCG cannot relieve itself of the responsibility of balance. We cannot envision the kind of Church we can be without looking squarely in the mirror of what we are. While equilibrium exists in some areas, we are not yet properly balanced, not yet equal. We do not promote leaders based on their gifting and calling regardless of gender, age and race. Prejudice exists within our ranks toward gender, age, race and culture. It is our responsibility to achieve biblical balance; it is righteous.

Recently our General Council visited the Glad Tidings church of God in Christ congregation in Hayward, CA. Bishop J. W. Macklin and his staff shared their vision, poured out their hospitality, and gave us the privilege to worship with their congregation. The Pentecostal church of God and the Church of God in Christ – in balance – it was a monumental moment. The keynote speaker of our inaugural Bishop's Conference was Baptist. It was commented that 50 years ago a Baptist speaker would not be allowed in a PCG meeting. Pentecostal Church of God and Baptist – in balance – it was a monumental moment.

Balanced monuments are beautiful. They will be difficult to obtain. They will take time. They will take multiple forces. They will be inspirational. They will be the work of God.